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Meet the CEO

Wayne Weaver is the dedicated CEO of Community Housing Partnership (CHP), bringing his extensive experience and passion for affordable housing to lead the organization in its mission to provide safe and affordable homes for individuals and families in need in Middle Tennessee. With a strong commitment to community development, international missions, and social impact, Wayne Weaver drives CHP's efforts to create lasting change and build stronger, more inclusive communities through affordable housing initiatives.

Wayne Weaver and Gov. Bill Lee

Wayne's Story

Wayne Weaver embarked on his transformative journey in missions work by venturing on a life-changing missions trip to Nairobi, Kenya in 2013. This experience served as a catalyst for his passion for serving others and spreading hope in impoverished communities. From the moment he set foot in Nairobi, Wayne was deeply moved by the struggles and resilience of the people of Kenya, inspiring him to take action. Engaging directly with the community, he witnessed the immense impact that a helping hand and compassionate heart could have on individuals and their surroundings. This eye-opening encounter in Nairobi ignited Wayne's dedication to making a lasting difference in the lives of those in need, setting him on a path of unwavering commitment to missions work.

Extending Beyond CHP

Wayne Weaver's missions work has not only taken him to distant lands but has also deeply connected him to his local community. Inspired by the notion that everyone deserves safe and affordable housing, Wayne recognized that the same principles he embraced during his missions trips could be applied to his own backyard. Wayne has been able to leverage his experiences and learnings from his international missions work to address homelessness and provide support to vulnerable individuals and families in his community. His global perspective has enriched his understanding of the complexities surrounding housing insecurity and the importance of fostering inclusive and supportive environments. Wayne's dedication to both international missions and local community work has resulted in a powerful synergy, amplifying his impact and creating lasting change on a global and local scale. Through his tireless efforts, Wayne continues to bridge the gap between different worlds, demonstrating that compassion and service have no boundaries.

Wayne’s goal is to see the impact of the Community Housing Partnership (CHP) extend far beyond its immediate reach, leaving a lasting impression on both the local community and communities abroad. The need for safe and affordable housing is a universal issue, transcending geographical boundaries. By addressing this fundamental need locally, CHP not only provides tangible support and stability to individuals and families, but also serves as a catalyst for change in other parts of the world. The innovative approaches, best practices, and lessons learned from CHP's endeavors can be shared and replicated globally, inspiring similar initiatives in different countries. As the global housing crisis continues to escalate, the need for organizations like CHP becomes increasingly evident. By expanding their reach and collaborating with international partners, CHP can play a pivotal role in influencing policy, advocating for housing rights, and uplifting communities on a broader scale. The commitment to building strong foundations, both locally and globally, is crucial in creating a world where everyone has access to safe and affordable housing, reminding us that the need is great, and the work of organizations like CHP is indispensable in addressing this pressing issue.

Missions Work
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The Journey

Wayne Weaver's transformative journey in missions work has continued to unfold with a series of follow-up trips to various countries, each leaving an indelible mark on his heart. From the ancient temples of Cambodia to the bustling streets of Thailand, Vietnam, and the vibrant communities of Kenya, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic, Wayne has traversed borders to bring hope, love, and practical assistance to those in need. With each visit, he witnessed the unique challenges and resilient spirits of diverse cultures, further fueling his passion for making a positive impact. These experiences have broadened his perspective, deepened his empathy, and reinforced his commitment to the principles of service, fostering enduring relationships with local communities and inspiring others to join him in his noble mission. Wayne's dedication to missions work knows no boundaries, as he continues to journey across the globe, driven by the belief that together, we can create a world filled with compassion and empowerment.

Missions Work
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